African-Asian Rural Development Organization

Regional Office of AARDO for Far East

The Regional Office of AARDO for Far East(FERO) was established in 1973, Republic of Korea based upon the endosement of the 3rd General Session of AARDO Conference(1968). The main purpose of FERO was to ensure that AARDO is constantly projected before the countries of the region as well as the concerned international organizations and enable member countries to be assured of the services which AARDO is capable for assisting them.

Main Functions

  • Promote the interests of AARDO in the member countries of the Far East region
  • Enroll new members in the Organization from among those countries of the region which have not yet joined
  • Assist in the execution of approved programmes, including organizing Seminars, Workshops and Conferences in the member states of the region
  • Identify the problems of the countries of the region and make suitable recommendations to the Head Office of AARDO for implementation of projects
  • Represent the organization at national and international meetings, seminars, conferences, etc., in the home country or the neighbouring countries
  • Function as a Data Bank for information required for AARDO HQ in countries in the region
  • Any other functions that may be delegated to it from time to time

Main Activities

* Human Resource Development Programmes
  • AARDO-KOICA Joint Training Programme on “Sustainable Rural Development”
  • AARDO-KOICA Joint Pilot Programme on “Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development”
  • Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul Masters Programme
  • Asia-Pacific Agricultural Policy Roundtable and Forum
* Enrollment of new membership
  • Encourage the potential members such as Lao PDR, Indonesia, Cambodia etc in the region
* Publication and Dissemination of information
  • Biannual FERO E-Newsletter
* Liaison with member country government in the region

For more information, please contact us fero.aardo@gmail.com.